XCalibur makes one hell of a unique crankbait, many of their designs and colors are very impressive. I've always been a big fan of the XCalibur Square Lip Silent Real Gill crankbait. The colors on this unique crankbait are out of this world. And the action, forget about it!!! The action from XCalibur crankbaits are irresistible to all species of fish. Many fishermen are having success with foxy lady, citrus shad, and pumpkinseed colors. But hey, remember that every body of water is different. One color might work great for one fishermen while another might not, so pick the hot colors that work great at your favorite fishing lake. But a guarantee all these XCalibur crankbaits will catch fish. Whether you're a bass fishermen are walleye fishermen, I highly suggest buying a few XCalibur crankbaits.

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