A friend and I went out fishing on Lake St. Clair with the Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15. We didn't catch any monsters, but we did catch a beautiful walleye and smallmouth bass. Maybe next time, either way it's just fun getting out on the lake doing a little fishing. Lake St. Clair is a beautiful lake to fish at. Bassmaster Magazine named it the number one bass fishing Lake for 2013. It's a privilege to live next to the lake and be able to go out and fish it anytime you want.

Doesn't get better than this fellow fishermen, just picked up the GoPro Hero 3 camera and first day in use my dad catches a big 3 pound smallmouth bass. The bass fight so well, my dad says it's fighting like a bulldog. It was a beautiful day for fishing! We actually got footage of a freighter when we were trolling next to the channel. Lake St. Clair is definitely one of the best lakes for fishing in the United States.

This is my second video using the GoPro 3 Black Edition. In the video I caught a small little bass using the beetle spin. I only went out for an hour, I was just testing out my new custom chest mount. Before this I was using a hat mount, overall I think the chest mount is a little more stable. Because with the hat mount, you're always turning your head more. This was right before dark, you can see a nice little sunset on the horizon. Overall I'm pretty happy with the GoPro 3 Black Edition. A lot of people have been having problems with it, but so far it has worked good for me. Hopefully it keeps on working, but I definitely plan on buying a 3 year square trade warranty for the GoPro 3. If you're looking for a good camera for fishing, definitely pick up a GoPro 3 or GoPro 2!

huge northern pike siberia russiaRussian President Vladimir Putin caught this huge northern pike on a holiday fishing trip in Siberia Russia, a remote region of Tuva. The Kremlin announced that the Russian leader managed to catch a 46lb pike, but many are saying the pike couldn't of weighed that much. Journalist Oleg Kashin since suggested a fish weighing that much would simply sink to the bottom of the lake, hinting to the fact that Vladimir Putin is probably lying. Honestly after seeing the size of Pike, I think the weight is a bit exaggerated, but it could possibly weigh around twenty or thirty pounds.

vladimir putin northern pike

if you want to crankbait that has a tremendous amount of action, give Smithwick's Devils Horse a try. With propellers on both sides, Smithwick's Devil Horse causes a a commotion in the water that even the finickiest bass can't resist. This crankbait is not only great for largemouth bass, you'll find that northern pike and muskellunge hit on it as well. Smithwick definitely makes a killer crankbait! Choose from a variety of Smithwick crankbaits from our inventory, they are a fun fishing bait to use.