bass stocking lake allatoonaDue to the popularity of bass fishing growing each year, the Georgia DNR decided to start stocking largemouth bass on Lake Allatoona. Largemouth bass are already a native species on Lake Allatoona, but they only make up 10% to 20% of the black bass population in the lake. There will be a three year study of stocking a quarter million largemouth bass fingerlings (1-2 inches) each year through 2015. And an additional several thousand larger bass (5-8 inches) will be stocked each fall. The study will allow biologists to evaluate the stocking success between two different size classes of largemouth as they grow into adults.

huge northern pike surprise lakeWhat a story behind these two fish! Matt Taylor caught these two northern pike at Surprise Lake north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Matt Taylor was headed back to shore with his small northern pike on a stringer next is boat, when he felt something tugging. Taylor reached over to pull up the stringer, that's when he saw a huge 49 inch northern pike trying to eat the smaller pike. Taylor immediately threw the boat in neutral and then grabbed his fishing net. The pike was so big he couldn't even get it to fit in the fishing net. But Matt Taylor eventually managed to get the fish in the net and then into the boat. The ended up taking it home, where his mom fileted it into steaks for dinner time.

bit up northern pike photoAlready many fishermen are badgering Taylor for wrongfully catching fish, saying the DNR should charge him. Personally I think there are a lot of anal retentive jealous fishermen out there, but that's just me. Honestly I probably would've netted the fish, taken a photo of it, then threw it back. But let's not be to judgmental here fishermen. I agree it's sad that Matt Taylor didn't throw the fish back, it could turn into a record size pike for someone to catch, but everyone's human here, no one knows what they would've done in the same situation.

All I can say about this video is, soon as you disrespect mother nature, one day it will come back and bite you right in the ass. PETA's probably going to have a field day with these fishermen after they found out who they are. Luckily the fisherman who rid the Mola didn't harm the fish. I'd like to see the fisherman do this again and have a great white come along and you know what. Just isn't right to disrespect a beautiful fish like the Mola, even though it's a goofy fish that swims very slow.

largemouth bass fishingNext time you're out fishing and you land a half a dozen bass, try playing the lottery. That's what a North Carolina fisherman did after he caught five bass. The fisherman felt very lucky that they after catching the bass, so he thought he'd try his luck playing a scratch off lottery ticket, he landed a $4 million dollar win. All I can say is why can't this happen to me, LOL. But hey I'm happy for the bass fisherman, I bet his first purchase is probably going to be a brand-new bass boat.

karl malone fishingEnes Kanter and Karl Malone was fishing together at a local lake, I wish I could report on them bringing home a bucket full bass, but this measly little bluegill is all they caught. Karl Malone is now the big man coach for the Utah Jazz, so what better way to get along with his younger players but to fish with them. If you know anything about Karl Malone, you know he's an avid hunter and fisherman. So this is a good way for Karl Malone to mingle with his players. Just hope that next time they can land a bigger fish.

bass fishing summerSummer bass fishing can be harder than both spring and fall, many fishermen come up to me for advice to find out why they aren't catching any bass. They are expecting an easy answer, but anyone that is experienced with summer bass fishing knows there is no easy answer. Especially if you're mid-summer bass fishing. Truth be told in order to bass fish the summer like the pros, you must follow these four keys.

First thing, watch the weather. Fishing before a storm and under overcast is a good time to go out bass fishing, bass tend to be really feeding during those conditions.
If you're in a popular smallmouth bass lake, smallmouth tend to go deeper as the summer continues on. You have to try 12 the 20 foot range smallmouth bass lakes. So definitely try going deeper mid-summer to late summer.

Try different types of fishing lures, bass are very finicky during mid-summer, and they won't just by it on any typical bait. I've had fishermen come up to me and say bait used live bait and not catch a single thing. Try using bait that is used from top to bottom, meaning top water fishing lures, mid-depth fishing lures, and fishing lures that stay at the bottom. You just never know where that big bass might be lurking.

If you can stand it, try bass fishing at night. There are so many different bugs and critters moving around the bass love to feed on. During this time bass have limited eyesight, so they are more vulnerable to our fishing lures and baits.

These are the four keys I use during summer bass fishing. I don't want to say they will never fail you, because everyone knows that sometimes fish won't buy no matter what. But I guarantee that these fishing tips will definitely help you catch more bass.

bass fishing picturesHere's some really cool pictures of professional bass fisherman Jim Bianchi fishing for bass. Jim Bianchi recently just won the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open on Oneida Lake. He loves to fish for both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, as both of the black bass species have helped him win many Bassmaster tournaments. Jim Bianchi is starting to become a major favorite among many amateur bass fisherman, Bianchi might be moving up the ranks in the next few years. Keep catching those lunkers Jim Bianchi!

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jig trailers bass fishingHere are some of the best jig trailers for bass fishing. What jig trailers do is entice bass into biting more often, the combination of a jig skirt and trailer adds more action compared to just a standard jig. The result is basically catching more bass, possibly bigger bass as well depending on the lake or river you're fishing at.

Professional Bill Lowen likes to use enhanced UV brighteners. UV baits such as UV Beaver, UV Jig Craw, and the UV Bubba Craw Chunk. Bill Lowen claims they are very effective for big bass. Other professional bass fisherman such as Todd Faircloth like to use Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic jig trailers such as the Rage Craw, Baby Rodent and Game Hawg. Rage Craw trailer has a action that profusely flaps through the water that lures in big bass.

Cliff Pirch uses Super Pork chunk and Sweetwater Craw on his own low-profile jig from his company Clifford Pirch Outdoors. These combinations are very effective luring big bass from out of cover and structure they might be hiding in. Alton Jones go-to jig trailers are from the company YUM, the F2 Craw Chunk, the F2 Baby Craw Papi and the Chunk. Alton Jones claims the F2 Craw Chunk has the most effective action he's ever seen from a soft plastic bait.

jim bianchi oneida lakeJim Bianchi recently won the the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open on Oneida Lake. Bianchi landed the largest limit of the term with 19 pounds 4 ounces, 2 pounds over his closest competitor. The big when landed him a prize package that included cash and a Skeeter ZX200 powered by a Yamaha VF200LA outboard. But because Jim Bianchi did not fish the first Northern Open of the year at Virginia’s James River, his victory will not grant him a spot in the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, which is a big bummer.

What helped Jim Bianchi when this bass fishing tournament was a traditional flipping jig and finesse plastic on a dropshot rig. Changing between these two baits, with different presentations helped Jim Bianchi win this bass fishing tournament. Bianchi said bass would bite in spurts on Oneida Lake, snapping the flipping jig would help entice the big bass into biting. Around noon the small bass started biting, that's where Jim Bianchi landed his for 4 pound smallmouth and 4 ½ pound largemouth, which really helped him win the tournament.

smallmouth bass fishing hinkley reservoirYoung fisherman Davis Reeher of Manlius caught this nice smallmouth bass off of Hinkley Reservoir. The young fishermen said he caught it on a robo worm during rainy weather, the big bass ended up measuring at 17.5 inches. As you can see in the cool photo, the smallie had one hell of a belly on him. Smallmouth Bass fishing is pretty good on the Hinkley Reservoir, give it a try if you're in the area.