northern pike eating troutRecently ABC News posted a video and article about northern pike still being a concern for killing off the trout population. After the Milltown dam was removed in 2008, northern pike began spreading through local rivers. Since that time, in parts of eastern Montana, pike have caused a widespread elimination of multiple native prairie minnow species. So they are very concerned this could really affect the trout population.

Since discovering this, the DNR and officials ask you to keep and kill the northern pike you catch, no matter what size. Trout fishing is a $5.8 billion industry every year, so if that's affected, that could really affect people's jobs and the overall economy in Montana. That's the last thing we want to happen, people travel all over the world to fish for trout in the state.

big northern pike photosJust seems like the northern pike keep getting bigger from the Netherlands. This photo of this massive Dutch pike captures the essence of how big pike get over in Europe. Fisherman Ruud van der Velden caught this big northern pike back in 2009, measured in at 124 cm and 21 kg. The head and width of the fish is just remarkably huge. The fish looks like an alligator!

albino muskie minneapolisJoe Mikalojczyk caught this 46 inch albino muskie in the metro area of Minneapolis. Joe Mikalojczyk was out fishing with Muskie guide Josh Stevenson. The DNR hasn't confirmed the muskie's unique status, because Joe Mikalojczyk released the fish back into the water. But the best bet is it was definitely was an albino muskellunge, an extremely rare catch. Mikalojczyk used a big bucktail spinner trolling to catch this rare fish. Muskie guide Josh Stevenson is the current state record-holder for tiger muskies, he actually loves fishing for weird fish like this.

world record northern snakehead frankenfishYou are looking at the new world record for Northern Snakehead. Nicknamed Frankenfish, the invasive species of fish received its name by its appearance and adaptability. The fish is incredibly aggressive, whatever gets in its way gets killed. Caleb Newton is the fisherman who hooked and landed the 17-pound, 6-ounce northern snakehead in a creek in northern Virginia during a fishing tournament on June 1st. The Free Lance-Star reports the International Game Fish Association confirmed the record catch. It beat a snakehead caught in Japan in 2004 by 2 ounces.

Matt Seifert from Muskie Mercenary Guide Service helped these youngsters catch these two monster muskies at Lake Vermilion. They were trolling with custom made muskie crankbaits, one muskie actually hit a crankbait when it was just motionless on the surface. Both muskies measured around 50 inches! This fishing expedition was all about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

lake vermilion muskie

ohio muskie fishingWithout a doubt bass fishing is the most popular type fishing within the United States right now. But honestly bass fishing can get a bit dull sometimes, especially during the mid-summer when bass fishing slows down. That's when other species of fish can be fun to fish for. One species of fish that is becoming super popular in Ohio is muskellunge.

So what makes muskie fishing so popular in Ohio? How about just the size of these fish, muskellunge can get over 50 inches and 50 pounds. And how strong these fish are make them a challenge to reel in even with the best brand of fishing rod and reel. Some fishermen say they fight ferociously stronger than any other species of fish in freshwater.

Clear Fork Reservoir, Leesville and Salt Fork Lakes are probably the top-three spots in Ohio to fish for muskellunge. And many fishermen say trolling is the best way to catch a big muskie, trolling anywhere from fast to really fast can lure in big muskellunge. Veteran muskie fishermen speculate a lure zipping by attracts them much like a dog seeing a suddenly fleeing cat. A muskie is a very strong fish that can catch any prey in a freshwater lake, that's how strong they are. I guess you can call them the great white shark of freshwater lakes and rivers.

big muskies jigs fishingWhile a lot of fishermen will be using crankbaits and bucktail spinners for muskie in the fall fishing season, there are some fisherman that actually use jigs and do well catching muskie. Believe it or not, jigs can be a great way to catch big muskellunge. Muskies are a widely known as the fish of 10,000 casts, but that motto is starting to fade, as fishermen are catching muskellunge by just vertical fishing.

Veteran Ontario fishing guide Jon Bondy claims vertical jigging is a solid way to catch big muskellunge. Back in the day Bondy was casting bucktail spinners over weedy flats to catch muskie, but Bondy said that technique of Muskie fishing wasn't doing it for him, so he tried jigging. Now the fishing guide says jigging accounts for 90 percent of his muskie being caught.

The best time to go jig fishing for muskie is in the morning when there's overcast or it's raining. Look for drop-offs or really deep areas where you can just drop your jig down and do some vertical jigging. Fishermen have caught up to 50 inch muskie on jigs, so without a doubt this type of fishing strategy works well on muskellunge. So definitely give it a try next time you're out muskie fishing.

largemouth bass lake minnetonka10 year old Chaucer Countryman of Minnetonka caught this lunker largemouth bass on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, the big bass ended up measuring in at 18 inches. What makes this story even greater, as the youngster caught the big bass on a rod and reel he won at a Fur Fin & Feather Club outing. Chaucer claimed the big bass was moving all over the place giving up a good fight, but the new fishing rod and reel worked great.

big bass shirt lake minnesotaThis little 8 year old girl Grace Swiggum caught this 17 inch largemouth bass on Shirt Lake near Deerwood Minnesota. This sure is one big bass for a youngster like her. It's so great to see kids participating in fishing at a young age, it teaches them to have patience. The reward was great after a days worth of fishing, I'm sure after catching this big bass she will be inspired to go out fishing again. Congrats goes to the young girl for such a nice catch.

mcdonald bass tournamentThe McDonald County Post 392 baseball team First Annual Big Bass Bash will be rescheduled for Saturday, August 10th. The reason is because of high water on last Saturday, August 3rd. The entry fee is still $25 and only one fish is allowed at the way in weigh-in. Each bass must meet a length limit of 15 inches on the Elk River, 12 inches on all other streams. All proceeds go to support the McDonald County American Legion baseball team.