walleye stocked michigan watersThis year the Michigan DNR says 4.2 million pond raised walleye fingerlings will be stocked in 120 water bodies located throughout the state this spring and summer. Makes you wonder if the walleye population is down in the Great Lakes or they're just trying to increase the population. Whatever it may be, I know a lot walleye fishermen are going to be happy about this year's walleye stock. 30 walleye ponds were use this year to support this walleye stocking. What happened this DNR takes eggs from Muskegon River and Little Bay De Noc, then they are hatched at Thompson and Wolf Lake state fish hatcheries, later the larval walleyes are moved to ponds.

pictures huge walleyeI was bored today so I decided to post some really cool photos walleye. But hey, these are no ordinary walleye, these are huge walleye that have been caught all over the world. Walleye is one of the most sought after fish in freshwater. They are not only fun to catch, but they are a very tasty fish to eat. Enjoy these beautiful photos of huge record size walleye, these pictures are enjoyable to look at as much as they were enjoyable being caught.

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crankbaits walleyeWhile jig fishing is a popular way to fish for walleye, I like to use crankbaits on walleye as well. While most walleye like to hideout in deep places, sometimes you can catch them in the shallows during spring and fall, shallow diving crankbaits are perfect for these periods of time. But for summer, you're gonna have to go to deep for walleye, deep diving crankbaits work well on walleye in the summer. To cover more ground and increase your odds of catching walleye, try trolling crankbaits. Getting at the right speed might be hard though, walleye can be a little finicky. But once you find that right speed, crankbait fishing can be very effective on walleye. Casting crankbaits work great on walleye too, but it's definitely a lot more work than trolling. Try fan casting your crankbaits to cover more ground, never cast in the same spot twice, again try deep water with deep diving crankbaits but for casting this time.

beautiful tiger muskie photosWow, such a beautiful photo of a tiger muskie. If you're not familiar with muskellunge, this fish is the great white shark of freshwater lakes and rivers. But what makes tiger muskie so different than the standard bread muskellunge is it's a hybrid offspring of both a true muskellunge and northern pike. Tiger muskie actually grow 1.5 times faster than a regular muskellunge. Due to it being a hybrid, fish biologists say they are not able to breed. I think otherwise as nature always finds a way, but this is what fish biologists claim. From my own experience and other fisherman, tiger muskie tend to be a little smaller than regular muskellunge. But that doesn't mean they can't reach big sizes, this one in the photo is a decent size, but is still rather small. You can tell a certain muskellunge is a tiger by the fish having both designs of pike and muskie, having both vertical lines and dots. The freshwater fish truly is a rather beautiful sight to see.

pink salmon humpies picturesThe pink salmon, better known as humpies, are absolutely beautiful coming from Cowee Creek in Tongass National Forest. This nice size humpy was caught on a fly, in very shallow water. It's absolutely amazing that the size fish are in such a small water in Cowee Creek. Since humpies are low on the scale of culinary delights, this fly fishing day was just about catching and releasing them, fishermen enjoy hooking and fighting one of the finest sport fish ever encountered.

Friend and I were fishing out on Lake St. Clair with Berkley Gulp Minnows and hook into this nice size northern pike. It's definitely not a really big pike, but it has some size to it which makes the fishing video a little exciting. We also caught some good size smallmouth bass on Lake St. Clair. If you didn't know this already, Lake St. Clair has been named the number one bass fishing lake by Bassmasters Magazine. It's mid-summer, so you have to do a little navigating to find the smallmouth bass and use the right lure, but once you do smallmouth bass fishing is golden on Lake St. Clair.

Had an incredible day of bass fishing with the Berkley Gulp Minnow 4″. In the past I haven't had much luck using any type of Berkley Gulp, I tried Gulp on many different inland lakes, I would catch a few bass but not many. But the time when I wouldn't think it would work, it does. Smallmouth Bass lockjaw for the past month, due to fish flies and time of year, not much is biting mid summer. However, when a friend and I used a 3/8 ounce jar jig head with a Berkley Gulp Minnow 4″, the smallmouth bass seemed to turn on. I was really excited to see my friend get a doubleheader, one smallmouth bass after another, it was quite thrilling. Especially since we tried a variety of fishing lures in our tackle box. The Berkley Gulp Minnow 4″ was spot on for smallmouth bass that day, definitely changes my attitude on this bait! I've caught a lot of fish on Berkley Powerbait, but in the past not much on Gulp. Gulp definitely performs well on smallmouth bass in big lakes such as Lake St. Clair, we also caught a nice size northern pike as well.

photo huge walleye ice fishingPhoto of a huge wall I just caught ice fishing. Goes to show how big walleye can get when you're out ice fishing, you definitely got to make sure the hole is big enough for huge walleye like this to fit through the hole. Walleye are definitely one of the most beautiful fish and freshwater lakes and rivers. They definitely can reach enormous sizes, as this photo is proof of how big a huge walleye can get. All I can be caught on jigs, crankbait, and even spinners. Some of the best times the fish for walleye are spring and fall, right when they get nice and plump from feeding. Every spring time we go walleye fishing down on the Detroit River, we do vertical jigging with jigs of course and the walleye just go crazy for them.

ashtabula walleye tournamentJust awesome, the Ashtabula Crossing Walleye Tournament has officially been planned for September 7th, 2013. The walleye tournament will run from 8 AM to 3 PM, the cost is only $50 for a 2 person team. Preregistration is recommended at Ashtabula Crossing at 1748 118th Ave. SE Luverne, ND. There will be cash awarded for the top five prizes. Right on the weigh-in of the walleye, all officials judgements are final. For more information on the Ashtabula Crossing Walleye Tournament call Mary Jean at (701) 845-8710. This should be a fun walleye tournament in Ohio.

big northern pike deadThis is one crazy fishing story, Jessica Berg-Collman and Mark Welinski were returning from a fishing expedition when they found a dead northern pike floating in the water. As they inspected the dead pike , they found another fish inside its mouth. What you know it was a 3 pound sucker, the northern pike must've suffocated trying to eat the sucker whole. What a story huh? The fishermen plan on having the pair mounted as they were found.