northern pike black lakeFather and son caught these two northern pike at Black Lake in New York. The young fisherman's northern pike measured 29 inches, while the father's measured 25 inches. The son caught the 29 inch pike on a yellow spinner bait and his father caught smaller Pike on a black and yellow-striped rubber worm. Both northern pike were caught 10 minutes apart from each other. So if you're looking to do a little pike fishing in New York, checkout Black Lake, as the pike are definitely biting in there.

tiger muskie idaho recordHow about this for fishing news, there is now a new tiger muskie state record in Idaho. Fisherman Edward Kalinowski of New Meadows caught this 44 pound muskie on a neon magic lure. Previous record was 38 pounds, now Kalinowski has crushed that record with his 44 pound monster. It's definitely going to be hard being this new tiger muskie state record. The official final numbers were 44. 26 pounds and 52.5 inches long, with a 25-inch girth. Now that's a big tiger muskie.

big bass mozingo lakeOld time fisherman Warren Platt says topwater lures are dynamite on bass at Mozingo Lake in Missouri. Just recently the fisherman caught a 7 1/2 pound bass on a Creek Chub Darter, an antique fishing lure from the 1930s. He also measured the bass, ended up measuring 21 1/2 inches long. The fishing lure that he finds work so good, Creek Chub Darter, he plans to retire the lure and display it in a frame with photos of the two giant bass. A lot of bass fishermen forget how exciting topwater fishing is, it may be a lot work, but the payoff is worth it.

photos big northern pikeWow, how amazing is this northern pike. A pike like this isn't easy to catch, just a flick of it's head, and you're fishing line would snap in a matter of seconds. Catching northern pike can be really fun due to the fish being so challenging to catch. But you must be very skilled in reeling the fish in, make sure you're using your drag properly and keeping a nice bend in your fishing pole. Not all fishermen care to catch a northern pike, but I can tell you that I love to catch them.

Check out this awesome northern pike from the United Kingdom. The big pike was caught back in October of 1992, the pike ended up being a record for the United Kingdom. The big pike was caught at Llandegfedd Reservoir, Wales. Roy Lewis was the fisherman who landed this massive northern pike.

big northern pike record

record northern pike italyItalian fisherman Carlo Aimonetti caught this 55 pound northern pike at Lake Maggiore in Italy. The fish is just massive, northern pike over in Italy just grow to enormous sizes. Just check out the belly on this pike, imagine how many bass and panfish this beast has eaten. I'm sure Italian fisherman Carlo Aimonetti took a long time to reel in this humongous fish. It's amazing how big pike get in Europe.

big northern pike italy

big walleye ice fishingIt's amazing how big walleye are getting these days. If fishermen take this big walleye out of a Lake while ice fishing. He was using minnows perch fishing, when he felt something strike is bait a lot harder than usual. The fisherman set the hook and carefully reeled the big fish in. He knew this was no small perch, he was hoping for walleye, but he had no clue how big the walleye was going to be.

huge flathead catfish californiaThe turnout at the Imperial Valley Catfish Tournament this past week at Wiest Lake in Brawley California was pretty good. The weigh-in took place at the Aspen in the Desert restaurant. Catfish that fishermen brought in at the weigh-in were remarkably huge. Max Garcia of Indio, caught this 41.07-pound flathead catfish that netted him $270 for the Adult Flathead Catfish Division. For the Junior division, Hayden Charney caught a five Stringer catfish that weighed 11.77 pounds which won him first place. And in the Adult Channel Catfish Division, Estevan Marquez caught a 24.84-pound channel catfish that won him a $270 first place prize.

carp fish wiest lake californiachannel catfish wiest lake california

big bass santee lakes californiaIf you love to fish for big bass and catfish in California, check out Santee Lakes. Just recently Bradley Bliss, a three year old caught a 4 pound largemouth bass. And Michael Martinez caught a 11 pounds 8 ounce catfish. Martinez also caught a nice size bass as well. Coming up is a Nightfishing Event that will take place on Thursday August 22nd, you will be able to fish lakes 1 through 4 from 5:00 pm till 11:30 pm, but a lantern is required. There'll be a 1,000 pound catfish stocking on August 16th.

catfish fishing santee lakeshuge largemouth bass california

walleye buffalo bill reservoirApparently the Walleye could be really hurting the trout population in the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. Due to the illegally introduction of walleye to the reservoir, they are starting to become an overpopulated fish. Many assume back in 2008 a people were stocking the walleye in the reservoir. More past need to be done, but Clark Johnson, a second-year graduate student at Colorado State University who is studying fish, suggests the walleye are doing very well in the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. Walleye are high-level predators on top of the food chain, so this could really mess up the ecosystem at Buffalo Bill Reservoir. The 2014 fishing regulations adopted by the Game and Fish Commission require walleye caught in the reservoir to be killed immediately.