Possibly the most valuable crank bait for topwater fishing is the Heddon Super Spook. You might know it's predecessor called the Zara Spook. Both, you still are able to buy, but I would definitely try the new Super Spook. Heddon has added louder rattles, sharper Excalibur hooks, and more alluring colors. Walking-the-dog is easier with with the Heddon Super Spook. I guarantee this will not only be your best topwater lure, but I guarantee it will be your funnest. Fishing with the Super Spook is endless fun, seeing a big bass jump out of the water for a Super Spook is priceless. Another great topwater bait to try is the Heddon Chug n Spook, not as good as the Super Spook or Zara Spook, but the Heddon Chug n Spook still has good fish catching power within it.

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