Anytime I'm having a hard time catching fish, I turned to soft plastic baits by Berkley Powerbait. Honestly Berkley Powerbait has never let me down. This is a bait that even in the crummiest days of fishing has caught me one or two fish. I have caught some really big bass on Berkley Powerbait, but believe it or not I've also caught some really huge northern pike and muskie on Powerbait as well. One of my favorite new additions to my tackle boxe is their Berkley Powerbait Chigger Chunk 3". Shaped just like a crawfish, this is an awesome realistic looking type of soft bait. The wide body and the Chigger claws produce a unique flapping action that mimic crawfish moving through the water. I guarantee you will catch fish with Berkley Powerbait.

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