Booyah Jigs are premium made with hand-tied round rubber and silicone skirts. The key to catching big fish on these jigs are the realistic profile from the skirts, the action from the Booyah Jigs is priceless. Booyah Jigs have proven themselves to be a qualified big fish catching lure. Booyah Jigs have been used many times over to win the Bass Master Classic. Back in 2008, Alton Jones used Booyah Jigs to win the 2008 Bassmaster Classic. Now Alton Jones has his own line of Booyah Jigs, named the Booyah Alton Jones A-Jig. The Booyah Alton Jones A-Jig is definitely a lure worth buying since it has proven to outdo the competition in tournament fishing conditions. Here's our current inventory of Booyah Jigs for sale.

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